I’m Just Saying

I’m just sitting here and thinking about a lot of things tonight and the one thing that I seem to have on my mind a lot is these so called people who call themselves your friends. I say this if you not with me now while I’m down and out; then don’t be with me when I’m living the good life stay where you are and most of all to everyone out there I say one thing. “Be Real” it costs nothing to be real when you spend everything you have to live like someone else. Stop doing stuff because you see the next man or woman doing it, if you do it do it because you wanted to do it. Also STOP calling yourself someone’s friend and the whole time you hating on them…


Oh did I hit a few buttons???? And stop putting all of your business out on facebook for the world to see, damn have some privacy in your life, what you trying to be the next reality star or something?? I know you may very well could be with all of the drama you bring from being fake or hanging around fake people…. You know the one’s who say they are your friends, but stab you in the back the first chance they get.. To end if you get anything out of this I want you to know it costs nothing to be real… “I ask the Lord to show me my enemies, and all of my friends disappeared.”

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